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Each issue features an editors' pick
for best poem in the issue. 

First Frost awards

Andre Le Mont Wilson       Spring 2024

a shade lighter  
the scrubbed beam beneath the eaves  
where the nest had been

Image by Tiard Schulz

Fall 2023            Ron C. Moss

indigo dusk

the town quietens

star by star

iScreen Shoter - 2022-04-08 16_58_12.973.jpg
Spring 2022

missing from her effects

the hum of bees

in wisteria

Michele Root-Bernstein
  Spring 2022               Mariel Herbert

how to make friends
asking the willow

at recess

brown trees on brown ground during daytime_edited.jpg
redwoods the rain that never reaches us
Fall 2021       Cherie Hunter Day 

Spring 2021         Angela Terry

The postscript

in a different hand . . .

early moonset


her slow pulse

dawn arrives

with rain

Fall 2022                         paul m.

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