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International Shipping and First Frost



As of May 5, 2022, we are suspending offering subscriptions to non-USA readers. We hope this is temporary. Know that we will honor all 2022 international subscriptions received through today.


You may know of recent difficulties relating to shipping internationally from the USA, even when the parcel is a folded plain manila envelope with a small magazine inside.  To date, I've not found a way to ship that doesn't cost in the neighborhood of $9 per issue. At $21 for an international subscription, you can see the problem. That's a very large increase over just last year. You may have heard about this difficulty from other small press publishers. We're REAL small. Like, my dining room table small! 

We're not even trying to make money here. We are trying not to lose much!  And we know we can't expect people to pay enough for an international subscription to cover that cost. 


I'm continuing to try to think through and research a work-around. But, in the interim, I thought it best not to take any more international subscriptions until I know I can figure out an affordable way to get issues to the UK, Italy, Slovenia, and elsewhere! It's also possible that whatever is driving up these costs so dramatically will reverse at some point. Just like everything else in the USA is ABSOLUTELY GETTING BETTER. (Pardon the sarcasm.)


If you would like, feel free to email me to let me know you'd like to hear from me if and when we work this problem through.


We really hate that we've hit this bump and are working to think of a remedy. Again, a reminder that we'll ship this year's issues to all our current outside-the-USA subscribers.




Dale Wisely


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