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first frost is a new journal of haiku and senryu. First issue scheduled for May 2021. Submissions are closed for the May issue and will reopen July 15 through August 15 for the November issue.  
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We publish haiku and senyru. We would love to see your work. If accepted, we will strive to present your work in a way that will make you proud.

We have a broad, contemporary view of what constitutes haiku and senryu. We are not hostile to 5/7/5, but anticipate publishing more poems with fewer syllables. We are open to 1, 2, & 3 lines. 

We accept submissions from January 1 through February 15 for the May issue and July 15 through August 15 for the November issue. 

If we accept your work, it will appear in our print journal, designed so that no more than two haiku appear on a page. Our issues typically will include 44 poems. In each issue, we feature a "best of issue" poem which wins the author free copies of the issue and a free 2-year subscription.

Our editors intend to notify all submitters of our decision within 4 weeks after the close of a reading period.

Submit once during a reading period--up to 5 haiku or senryu. If you submit more, we will not be able to consider your poems.


Click here to submit via the Ambidextrous Bloodhound Submittable. Be sure to select the "first frost" category.)

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Dale Wisely, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, Michael Dylan Welch, Eric Burke



E l i z a b e t h   M c M u n n - T e t a n g c o  lives in California's Central Valley. She has published three chapbooks, Various Lies, Lion Hunt, and Water Weight, with Finishing Line Press, Plan B Press, and Right Hand Pointing, respectively. Her latest book, The Empty Clock is out from Right Hand Pointing Books in a limited edition of handmade copies with unique covers by Dale Wisely and a regular edition. It's a book of haiku written during the 2020 pandemic summer.

E r i c  B u r k e works as a computer programmer in Columbus, Ohio.  His haiku, senryu, haibun, and other poetry can be found in a variety of journals and anthologies. You can keep up with him at his blog at

Michael Dylan Welch perpetuates National Haiku Writing Month at and on Facebook, is president of the Redmond Association of Spokenword, and has published his haiku, tanka, longer poems, and many essays and reviews in hundreds of publications in at least twenty languages. In the murky past he edited the haiku journal Woodnotes, the short-poetry journal Tundra, and the long-poetry journal Cascade. His website, devoted mostly to haiku, is

D a l e   W i s e l y  runs Ambidextrous Bloodhound, which publishes right hand pointing, One Sentence Poems, Unbroken Journal, Unlost Journal, and First Frost.  His 2020 collection Seven Stars is on sale with all proceeds going to The Crisis Center, Birmingham, Alabama, a nonprofit working on suicide prevention, services to victims of sexual assault, and other community services.

first frost is an Ambidextrous Bloodhound Press production. ABP publishes right hand pointing, One Sentence Poems, Unbroken Journal, Unlost Journal, and First Frost.