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f i r s t  f r o s t

journal of haiku & senryu

edited by Dale Wisely, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, 
Eric Burke, and Michael Dylan Welch

Issue 6 shipped on 11/3/23!

FF6-to.printer.pdf 2023-10-21 07-44-52.png


About subscriptions: Subscriptions are for the calendar year. It's time to re-subscribe for 2024. We hope you will. We appreciate your support. There’s a button below to our subscribe page. You can pay by PayPal (which also allows credit card payment even if you have no PayPal account.) And we can take checks. Or Venmo.


Next reading period: We’ll accept submissions for the Spring issue in January 2024. Mark your calendars!

We are pleased to say that Issue 6 of first frost is back from the printers and has shipped. Hit this page to get a subscription or order individual copies. Supply is limited. I mean, it really is.





Ambidextrous Bloodhound Press publishes First FrostRight Hand Pointing, One Sentence Poems, Unbroken Journal, and Unlost Journal.

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