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Submissions are open through August 15
for the Fall 2021 issue.

We only publish haiku and senyru. We would love to see your work. If accepted, we will strive to present your work in a way that will make you proud. Our print journal is 6x6 inches, on heavy gloss paper and with much use of color. If we accept your work, it will appear in our print journal, designed so that no more than two haiku appear on a page. Our issues typically will include fewer than 50 poems. Here is a excerpt/sample of our first issue. Please have a look before submitting so you will know what we publish.  In each issue, we feature a "best of issue" poem which wins the author free copies of the issue and a free 1-year subscription. 

  • We have a broad, contemporary view of what constitutes haiku and senryu.

  • We do not adhere to the 5/7/5 "rule." We are not hostile to 5/7/5, but anticipate publishing more poems with fewer syllables. We are open to 1, 2, & 3 lines (and other configurations.)

  • We do not publish poems that include the phrase "first frost."

  • Do not submit titles with poems. 

  • We don't anticipate publishing more than three poems by any one author in an issue. 

  • Submit no more than 5 haiku or senryu during a reading periodIf you submit more, we will not be able to consider your poems. 

We accept submissions in January for the Spring issue and July 15 through August 15 for the Fall issue. 

Our editors intend to notify all submitters of our decision within 4 weeks after the close of a reading period.

Submit once during a reading period—up to 5 haiku or senryu. If you submit more, we will not be able to consider your poems.

For the Fall 2021 issue, we are using Google Forms to collect and work with submissions. You will receive an email copy of your submission. In the copy you receive, formatting (line breaks) will not appear. However formatting is retained in the submission that we have.


Submit  here.

Thanks for your support,

Dale Wisely, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco,
Michael Dylan Welch, Eric Burke