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f i r s t  f r o s t

journal of haiku & senryu

edited by Dale Wisely, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, 
Eric Burke, and Michael Dylan Welch,

#5, Spring 2023

is our current issue.


We are pleased to say that Issue 5 of first frost is back from the printers and will ship soon. It looks great.



First, though, a note for those of you who submitted. We had a huge number of submissions this round. We emailed everyone with either an acceptance of a decline. If you did NOT hear from us, let me apologize. I tried to watch for bounced emails and so forth, but it’s possible something got by me.

This issue includes poems by John J. Dunphy, petro c.k., Antoinette Chung, Jennifer Burd, Hannah Mahoney, Clive Bennett, Alice Wanderer, Debbie Strange, Benjamin Bläsi, Curt Pawlisch, Gordon Brown, Noel Sloboda, Adrian Bouter, Jeff Hoagland, Cherie Hunter Day, Kim Klugh, Kathryn Bold, Paula Sears, Rick Tarquinio, Alan S. Bridges, Deborah Burke Henderson, Valerie Broadhurst Woerdehoff, Gary Hotham, Vessislava Savova, Kristen Lindquist, Eugeniusz Zacharski, jim kacian, Genevieve Wynand, Jacquie Pierce, Christopher Patchel, Nancy Brady, Tomislav Sjekloća, Brad Bennett, P M F Johnson, Mona Bedi, Evan Vandermeer, Marietta McGregor, Eric Sundquist, Frank Hooven, and Mariel Herbert.


About subscriptions: For most of you, it’s time to re-subscribe for this year, which will include this issue and the forthcoming #6. There’s a button below to our subscribe page. You can pay by PayPal (which also allows credit card payment even if you have no PayPal account. And we can take checks.

If you’re not sure if you’ve already subscribed (or not), feel free to email me at and I can easily let you know.


Next reading period: We’ll accept submissions for the Fall issue in July. Mark your calendars!


Ambidextrous Bloodhound Press publishes First FrostRight Hand Pointing, One Sentence Poems, Unbroken Journal, and Unlost Journal.

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