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2021 Touchstone Poem Award Nominees

The editors are pleased to announce our nominees for The Haiku Foundation's 2021 Touchstone Poem awards. Our thanks to the authors of these poems. We wish them luck!

Fall 2021 (Issue 2)


mountain path

almost reaching

the Milky Way


Nadejda Kostadinova

redwoods the rain that never reaches us


Cherie Hunter Day


through a cedar grove

the flickering lights

of an RV park


John Budan


weaned calf

the mountaintop

swallowed by clouds


Polona Oblak


new year’s eve

the kiss

of beer froth


Agnes Eva Savich



I stop by the barbershop

just to say hello


Bill Kenney


my youth

where the tree

where the treehouse was


Alan S. Bridges


memorial bench

a ladybug rests

on your name


Antoinette Cheung


her evening alone

the paparazzi

of fireflies


Dan Schwerin


counting days

by pill dispenser

the waning light


Valorie Broadhurst Woerdehoff

Spring, 2021 (Issue 1)


open all night

the waitress gazes into

her reflection


Bill Kenney


season after season

grass rises and rises

my husband


Grace Cavalieri


spring sun

still some winter

in the turtle


Laurie D. Morrissey


first frost

the breaths of geese

on the field


Jacquie Pearce


sweet potato

the peeling away

of intimacy


Joanna Ashwell


reclining seals

the still life

of the sea


Peter Newton


a rainy day inside what I am


Lori Becherer


a tanker truck stamped flammable the summer moon


paul m.


smooth in my hand the stone’s long journey


David Berger


stepping stones

across the stream

interrupted sky


Brad Bennett